About Us

Live Sport Center started back in 2015 when a group of Uni mates from various corners of the UK met up for a reunion. While doing what we do best (sitting in the pub setting the world to rights) it was unanimously agreed that the amount of live sport on TV was a very, very good thing.

But we also agreed that there was one problem. It had all got a bit confusing. With all the TV right packages for different sports changing hands all the time, it was hard to keep track of which sports were being shown where, and when. Basically there were too many channels, too many different services to subscribe to and, most importantly, no real way of being able to quickly tell what's on.

There was no free service that let you easily find the TV listings you wanted, whether that's by sport, by channel or just a list of everything being shown on a particular day.

And from that conversation, the LiveSport.Center website was born!

Our Mission

The aim of this website is simple: to provide you with a quick, easy way to find out what live sports are on TV. Unlike other sites, we don't ask you to waste your time creating an account or logging in. Who has time to do that when the next game might be about to start? Our service is fast and free to everyone.

So if you just want to quickly find out what sport is being shown live on TV, and what time it starts, we're confident you'll love LiveSport.Center. If you do, please tell your friends and keep coming back for the latest listings which are updated every day.

It's great to have you here and we really appreciate your visit. Enjoy the match!

Our Video

A quick and simple introduction to what we do.

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