Fotyval Live Streaming: How to use it and is it legal?

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There is a good chance that you have already heard of fotyval, but if not then let me introduce you to probably one of the simplest free sports streaming sites on the internet today.

Is Fotyval Legal?

Firstly I need to make you aware that the live streams you see on Fotyval are illegal.

The people who broadcast the streams are breaking copyright law, and depending on where you live it may well be illegal for you to watch them. So if you choose to visit the site and view the streams, you do so at your own risk.

That said, Fotyval do not host the live streams on their own site. It is just a page of links to live streams that are hosted on twitter or blogspot.

What Sports Can You Watch on Fotyval?

This website lives up to its name, as it streams football games and only football games. No other sports are covered, so if you want cricket, boxing or UFC you need to look elsewhere.

You tend to find the big football matches from around Europe, mostly from the Premier League, La Liga and occasionally the Champions League.

The choice is very limited compared to other sites such as Hesgoal. There are usually only a small number of games to choose from, and only one stream available for each game.

It's also worth noting that the site is not updated every day, so there will be many occasions when there aren't actually any live streaming football matches available. It's hit and miss as to whether you find anything on any given day.

How to Use Fotyval

The site is very basic and simple. It loads fast and works well on computers that have an internet browser installed, but it only supports desktop or laptop devices, so tablets or phones don't support this site.

There are no annoying ads on fotyval, no unwanted popups or harmful redirects like you get on CricHD, and it doesn't try to get you to sign up for anything either; instead, it just provides a list of links that can be used and enjoyed.

The main page features listings of games that will be shown on each day and that's about all there is to it!

The video streams are usually good quality and picture clear, but like any illegal stream they are prone to freezing or lagging, so you're always taking the risk that your stream will stop working part way through the match.

There are no complicated steps to follow when trying to access fotyval, so it is easy for anyone who wants to get started. The only thing that you need is a device with internet connection and of course an enthusiasm for watching games from around Europe.

Should I Use Fotyval?

Fotyval is a simple site to use, but it is very effective and does what it says on the tin so users are usually happy with the quality of games that are shown. The design might not be appealing or flashy, but this doesn't matter as long as you can see what you want to see, and it is possible to do that on Fotyval.

Remember that the streams it links to are illegal though, so it is effectively stealing as the rights to show these matches live belong to the TV broadcasting rights owners that bought them.

This site may not stay online for long as there are numerous crackdowns that happen around this time of year, but if you can get on then do be aware it could close at any moment.

So if you do decide to go ahead and use Fotyval to watch the soccer games, make sure you remember to use a VPN like VyprVPN so you can protect your identity, plus it also means that you will be able to access the site no matter where you are in the world.

It's certainly a safer site to use than some other illegal streaming sites, but the downside is that the choice of games is very limited, and as with all such sites there is no guarantee of quality of reliability.

Last Updated December 16, 2021

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