Can You Watch Live Cricket on SmartCric?

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Cricket is the world’s second most popular sport, but it’s not always easy to find a live stream. In the past, SmartCric was one option for cricket fans to watch free live streaming, but it is no longer a viable option in 2024.

That said, there are many ways to watch cricket online legally.

If you want live cricket matches, or something more up-to-date than highlights or replays, then BT Sport and Sky Sports are your best options. You can subscribe for monthly or annual subscriptions that will give you access to all matches on demand.

The other option is illegal streams which come with their own risks. Today I'll explain what happened to SmartCric, why it's not working any more, and what the alternatives are.

What is SmartCric?

Up until a few years ago, SmartCric was a website and mobile app that offered live streaming of IPL, T20, Big Bash, Test Match and One Day cricket.

Unfortunately that is no longer the case.

These days, SmartCric is a website that aggregates cricket news stories from other websites.

It is true that SmartCric used to offer live streaming of cricket matches, but this is no longer available. All you will find now is recycled cricket news.

Why Is SmartCric Not Working Any More?

At some point in late 2019, the layout and content of the website changed. All live streaming was removed, and it was replaced by the cricket news aggregator you see today.

There is nothing on the app or website to explain what happened, but it's easy enough to make an educated guess.

The live streaming was probably removed due to takedown or legal proceedings. This is common with illegal sports streaming sites who are infringing the copyright owned by legitimate broadcasters.

The SmartCric app, which was previously available on Android and iPhone, was powered by the same streams that were on the website. That's why it stopped working at the same time.

It is highly unlikely now that the live streams will ever be restored to the app, because if this did happen then the copyright lawyers would simply move to get it shut down again.

Where Can I Watch Live Cricket Online Legally?

If you want to watch live cricket streaming legally, your best option is to subscribe to BT Sport or Sky Sports.

You can easily get BT Sport live streaming legally. These providers offer monthly, pay as you go or annual subscriptions that will give you access to all matches on demand.

You can then access all the live TV cricket on your laptop, tablet or mobile by downloading the BT Sport App or Sky Sports App.

Where Can I Watch Live Cricket Online For Free?

The only free option left for cricket fans is to watch highlights or replays on sites like ICC's YouTube channel, or BBC Sport. There is no free and legal live streaming site for cricket.

To watch live cricket streaming illegally, you can try CricHD. However, there are risks involved in accessing this site (see below).

What is the Risk of Watching Illegal Cricket Streams?

Illegal cricket streams come with their own risks. The streams may be hard to find or unreliable, and unscrupulous advertisers could insert malware into ads on the site.

In addition, streaming sites like CricHD are in violation of copyright law. This means that the site could be taken down at any time, leaving you without a way to watch the cricket match you were hoping to see.


So, can you watch live cricket on SmartCric? The answer is no - the website is not currently offering streaming services to users.

What you will find is recycled cricket news, published by the website with no remuneration for rights holders.

You can still watch live cricket online legally, but your best option is to subscribe to BT Sport or Sky Sports.

Last Updated December 14, 2021

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