UEFA Europa Conference League - Live on TV

Thu 2nd
UEFA Europa Conference League - Aston Villa v Olympiakos
Thu 2nd
UEFA Europa Conference League - Fiorentina v Club Brugge

UEFA Europa Conference League On TV

BT Sport have the exclusive rights to show the Europa Conference matches in the UK. However, not all matches will be live on BT Sports TV channels because this is a large competition with many games being played consecutively. Not every match can be scheduled for live TV.

Where a match is marked as being shown on BT Sport Digital, this means it is available to watch online via live streaming.

You can find out how to get BT Sport live streaming (legally) and check out the various options. This will enable you to watch any Europa Conference league match, or any other BT Sport event, via a live stream from any internet connected device.

The BT Sport App works on any Android or Apple device.

What is The Europa Conference?

The Europa Conference is UEFA's new third tier European competition. It gives an opportunity for more clubs from around the continent to take part, which also means fans can watch live matches involving clubs and players that the might normally never get to see.

There will be some big names involved as well though, and it's a great chance to win a major trophy for those clubs that choose to field full strength sides. So it should make for an interesting watch.


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