CricHD: How does it work and is it legal?

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CricHD is an illegal sports streaming website originally set up to provide content of live cricket matches, highlights and more. It has since become more popular and expanded to other sports as well.

In this guide we will answer the commonly asked questions about CricHD, such as what sports it shows, is it legal in your country, is it safe to use and how to access the site if it is blocked.

What Sports Can You Watch on CricHD?

CricHD list a wide range of sports. You can stream live soccer, plus tennis, cricket, NFL, AFL, cycling, racing, badminton, volleyball, rugby, sailing and hockey.

CricHD provides:

  • Live streaming: for the latest and upcoming Cricket Matches.
  • Live scorecard: for every cricket match, players can check real-time scores and updates on this page.
  • Upcoming Matches: find information of the upcoming cricket matches and schedules of your favourite teams.

The site hosts streams from Sky Sports, BT Sport, OSN Cricket, Sony 6, ESPN, Star Sports, Sony Ten, TSN, Premier Sports, Sport TV, Fox Sports, Eurosport, SportsNet and BEIN.

Is CricHD Safe?

CricHD is certainly a frustrating site to use. It displays hundreds of ads and unwanted popups, and frequently redirects you to various websites that you may not (and probably don't) want to visit.

Clicking on some of the links on CricHD may infect your computer with malware - we certainly got a few warnings about this when testing the site for this review.

So if you do decide to visit them, make sure your security and antivirus software is up to date.

You sometimes have to click a link four or even five times before you get to the page you wanted, and you'll have multiple popups, nefarious redirects and virus attempts to deal with before that happens.

Bear in mind that many of the CricHD live streams are slow, unreliable, lag, freeze or simply don't work at all. So you may end up spending a long and frustrating time trying to navigate around the site to find a working live stream.

CricHD Popups and Redirects: How They Affect Your Computer

1. The pop-ads shown by CricHD may prompt the user to download apps or plugins that may contain malware.

2. The ads displayed by CricHD might lead the user to a site that contains dubious download links, which may cause an infection on your machine.

3. CricHD redirects from every webpage you open may decrease system's performance and affect its speed.

Is CricHD Legal?

If you're wondering whether CricHD is legal in your region, then the chances are it is not. This is an illegal streaming site similar to Hesgoal, that infringes the copyright of the broadcasters whose channels it streams.

You are unlikely to be prosecuted for accessing the site, but it's not impossible for this to happen, and some countries are stricter than others. So check your local laws before doing anything else, and understand that you watch these illegal streams at your own risk.

Accessing the site might be an issue for some people as well, because many ISPs have blocked access to it.

Is CricHD Blocked?

website blocked

The website is blocked in many countries, but it's still possible to watch CricHD online. This section reviews the laws of some major countries that have blocked CricHD, so you can find out where you are allowed to use this streaming site.

US Residents

CricHD has been blocked throughout the USA since March 2017. There is no official information from the US authorities about this blocking, but it's been reported that CricHD was blocked to protect users from accessing content hosted on other websites which have been known to showcase pirated material.

It is possible to use a VPN or Smart DNS to access live streaming content from overseas broadcasters such as BT Sports, Sky Sports, Star Sports and more. This will mean that you can unblock CricHD even if it is blocked or inaccessible in your country.

UK Residents

CricHD has been blocked throughout the UK since January 2017. However, this site also offers content from overseas broadcasters, so anyone outside of the British Isles who use a VPN or Smart DNS can access CricHD.

Australian Residents

CricHD has been blocked throughout Australia since September 2016. The site is not accessible at all in this region, presumably due to its promotion of copyright infringement. However, it's easy to use a VPN or Smart DNS proxy service to bypass blocks on this site and any other that's inaccessible due to regional blocking.

Indian Residents

CricHD has been blocked throughout India since May 2018. It is not known why this site was blocked in India, but it wasn't the only website to be censored by the government during this period. This means that there are still ways to access CricHD even if it is blocked in your country.

How to Unblock CricHD

Using a VPN will allow you to access CricHD if it has been blocked in your region. You'll be able to watch live cricket, highlights and more on this streaming site even if it isn't accessible where you are. Before choosing your VPN provider, make sure they have servers in the countries where you want to watch CricHD.

US & UK VPN Services

VPN providers that offer servers in the US and UK include: Vypr VPN, VPN Proxy Master, Express VPN, IPVanish , NordVPN, Ivacy.  Check out our article on how to pick a good VPN for more details. Once you have signed up with your provider of choice, follow the steps in our blog article on how to unblock CricHD.

India VPN Services

If you're an Indian resident and CricHD is blocked in your region, then you will need a VPN with servers in India. You can use this to access live cricket streams and highlights from there without having to worry about any government censorship or regional restrictions.

VPN providers that offer servers in India include: Vypr VPN, VPN Proxy Master, Ivacy ,and Express VPN at affordable prices.  You can use our article on how to pick a good VPN service for more details and suggestions about which provider might be best suited to your personal needs. Once you have signed up, follow the steps in our blog article on how to unblock CricHD.

Australia VPN Services

If you are an Australian resident, then your best option is to subscribe to a VPN provider that has its servers in Australia. The provider will be able to bypass regional blocks without fail. We suggest using VPN Proxy Master, ExpressVPN , Ivacy or Vypr VPN, or you can learn more about how to choose a good VPN provider in our article on the subject.

How can I watch Live Cricket on CricHD?

how to watch cricket and other sports on cricHD

  1. Ensure you have working, up to date virus protection and security software
  2. Search Google for CricHD and visit the site. If it is blocked by your ISP, follow the instructions above to use a VPN.
  3. Use the menu on the left of the CricHD site to find the sport or channel you want to watch.
  4. You may have to click the link several times before it actually takes you to the page you asked for. In the meantime, expect popups, new windows and redirects. Do not click any of the links in any of these!
  5. When you eventually get to the page you wanted, if you are in luck you will find a working live stream playing. If not, you may need to go back and try an alternative stream or channel.

How to Watch Full Screen Video on CricHD

Unfortunately it is not possible to resize the player on CricHD or make it go full screen.

Alternatives to CricHD

If you have decided you don't want to take the risk of watching CricHD then there are plenty of alternatives. Our list of live streaming sites that work will walk you through some of the safe, legit and legal sites where you can watch live sport online.

Last Updated December 16, 2021

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