17 Free Sports Streaming Sites (That Actually Work)

Live sport streaming sites are the perfect solution for anyone who can’t be in front of the TV in time to watch their favourite sporting events, or who doesn’t have access to all the premium sports channels.

The problem is, finding the best free sports streaming sites isn’t easy.

Too many websites either have unreliable streams, or don’t actually have streams of all the sports events they claim to. Worse still, they can often flood your browser with popups, redirect you to dodgy sites or download viruses to your PC, phone or tablet.

I know this from bitter experience.

I’ve been watching sports online for over 20 years, and in that time I’ve come across the good, the bad and the ugly of sports streaming websites, sometimes missing most of the game while hunting around for a good quality, reliable stream.

But I want to help you avoid all this hassle. That’s why I’ve compiled this ultimate, up to date list of all the best free sports streaming sites of 2024.

I’ll give you the pros and cons of each site (including whether they’re legal), tell you what sports they show, and how to access each one.

Using this list, you can make the right decisions and choose the live streaming site that’s right for you.

Legal live sports streaming sites

Most legal and free sports streaming sites you will have heard of, but there will be a few you haven't.

For instance, are you aware of the best football streaming sites that show top flight games from across Europe? Or a site showing free sports online from all corners of the globe?

If not, then we have definitely done our homework for you.

Free Sports Player

Free Sports live streaming

The Free Sports Player is exactly what it says it is. A Free-to-Air sports streaming site where you can watch live streams on the go or at home via both the website or mobile app. Full match replays available too. All you do is register, login and check their schedule to see what free sports are on live.

Their free sports streaming content includes cricket, ice hockey, pool, motorsport, rugby league, tennis, MMA, basketball, speedway, NASCAR, wrestling and athletics. Not forgetting live footy streams of America's MLS, as well as the top leagues in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland and Japan.

Free Sports Player users will need to access a VPN outside of the UK where it is currently only available.

Info: Signup required. IP address restrictions. Website or mobile app available.

BBC iPlayer

bbc iplayer

The BBC iPlayer is a free video on demand streaming service which is also available via app on your phone or tablet.

Live sports include FA Cup football, tennis from Wimbledon, Six-Nations rugby union, rugby league, athletics, World Snooker Championships, Racing, Olympics and a host of other major sports events.

Be aware a TV Licence is required to watch live, catch up or on demand programmes with the BBC and this applies to any device. Just select the ‘I have a TV licence’ button before proceeding. If you're overseas then a VPN will be required to give you the ability to access any of their sports content.

Info: Signup required. TV licence. IP address restrictions. No adverts.

ITV Player


The ITV player also has a lot of choices, from live rugby, boxing and cycling to horse racing. As well as England international football streams including European Championship and World Cup qualifiers.

On their website just select the channel that has the live action on, or alternatively click 'Live TV' in the navigation bar. On mobile devices, go to the 'Live TV' section on the app. ITV4 has the majority of the action like the Tour de France, but ITV1 will show major sports events like the Rugby World Cup.

As with the BBC a TV Licence is required for viewers to watch ITV sports matches or any tv shows. If you're outside the UK then again a VPN service is needed so you can view any streaming content.

Info: Signup required. TV licence. IP address restrictions. Adverts.


FITE live streaming MMA boxing and wrestling

FITE shows sport for free to any of your devices. They're best known for live streaming boxing, MMA and WWE wrestling bouts. But they also offer motorsports, tennis, basketball and South American World Cup football qualifiers.

Primarily a live pay-per-view events channel showing thousands of hours of live sports entertainment from all over World. It also has loads of free sports streaming everyday, plus a 24/7 linear channel that you can watch completely free.

So just check their scheduling to see what's on offer.

Info: Signup required.


bet365 live sports streaming site

You do need to open an account to watch bet365 live streaming, so if you're morally against this then it isn't an option for you.

However you don't need to place a bet on an event to watch it. Just having a positive balance (some money in your account) is enough. So after you make a deposit, this can potentially be used again and again to watch as many events as you like and it'll cost you nothing.

The choice of live sports has to be seen to be believed. There's literally everything you could think of, and the picture quality is first rate. This is a service we would highly recommend.

Info: Signup required. No Ads.

To add to the In-Play excitement, bet365 stream over 140,000 events live to your PC every year - so you can bet as the action unfolds. Highlights include Masters Series Tennis tournaments and matches from some of the top domestic Soccer leagues in the world. To use the Live Streaming service you will need to be logged in and have a funded account or to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours. Any fixture/event on our website which has the Play or Video icon next to it is scheduled to be shown via Live Streaming.

Facebook Watch

live sport on Facebook Watch

Did you know Facebook has its own live streaming sports section called Facebook Watch, which shows free sports such as WWE, baseball, golf, soccer, cricket, rugby, tennis, basketball and many others.

The biggest, largest and most premium sports aren't on there. However, smaller sports leagues and individual sports clubs have access to a live video-sharing functionality. It's just a matter of you knowing what's on by following and liking your favourite sports pages or teams via your profile.

Info: Signup required. Minimum adverts.


YouTube TV

YouTube has an extraordinary amount of free live sports streaming available. This can be anything from soccer in Nepal, squash in Egypt, basketball in Indonesian to showing baseball streams from Canada.

You won't find premium free sports streaming on here, however it does literally have any type of sports content available to watch at some point or another. That's because more people, teams, clubs, societies and communities are setting up streaming services for their local badminton, baseball or football leagues. Even soccer tournaments to hockey streams can be viewed.

Info: No signup. Adverts.

Amazon Prime

live sport streaming at Amazon Prime

Live Premier League football can be streamed for free with a 30-day free trial on Amazon Prime. Sign-up and time it right and you could be watching live football as well as men's and women's tour tennis.

Just check their sports schedule to see what is on and when. Especially with the Premier League football as they only have the rights currently to show games at certain times of the season.

Info: Signup required. 30-day free trial. Website or mobile app available.

Eurosport Player

Eurosport Player
Connected through your Amazon Prime account, you can get the Eurosport Player on a 7-day free trial. From there you can watch live Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and Davis Cup tennis.

In total the Eurosport player has 18 live channels of sporting events. Showing cycling, motor racing, superbikes, formula e, weightlifting, wrestling, tennis and squash. Plus a variety of big sports events in speedway, snooker, winter sports, football, rugby, swimming, golf, squash and the Olympics.

The Eurosport player is widely accessible across Europe via your mobile device, tablet or computer. With US, Canadian and other users around the world requiring a VPN.

Info: Signup required. 7-day free trial. IP address restrictions. Website or mobile app available.

ESPN Player

ESPN player livestream

The ESPN Player is a on-demand live streaming service showing US sporting events and is available on 7-day free trial. It is one of the ways of streaming ESPN online without cable. The player streams thousands of live US sports events every year, including college basketball and college football. Plus the X Games, major league lacrosse and the little league world series.

Plus live bowls, swimming, ice hockey, volleyball, athletics, soccer, gymnastics, wrestling and softball.

The free-trial is available in Europe, Middle East, Africa and parts of Asia. Outside of these areas you will require a VPN to watch any programmes online. The app is also downloadable on iOS and Android.

Info: Signup required. 7-day free trial. IP address restrictions. Website or mobile app available.


Livescore app

The LiveScore app is essentially just a mobile phone live football streaming app which is completely free. Just download the app, register and look for the video camera symbol next to the fixture being shown live.

Sports online users in the UK and Ireland can watch certain selected Serie A, Primeira Liga, Eredivisie, Coupe de France, Chinese Super League, Champions League and Europa League qualifiers. Plus CONCACAF FIFA World Cup qualifiers, the Copa Libertadores and South America soccer. VPN needed overseas.

Info: Signup required. Mobile app only. IP address restrictions.

BT Sport

BT Sport football live streaming online

Did you know that you can watch BT Sport without a contract, without being a BT customer and in some cases get it absolutely free? Which means you could be watching Champions League, Europa League, Premier League or FA Cup football. As well as Gallagher Premiership rugby, UFC, MotoGP, cricket or tennis.

Check out our BT Sport live streaming guide for more information on the different ways to stream BT Sport legally online and on mobile.

Info: Signup required. No popups.


live streams listed on Reddit

Reddit is not a live streams sports website. It's a chat network community separated into various people's interests and discussions. With free sports streaming sites being one of their popular topics.

Personally we wouldn't just click on any old link that you might come across on your first visit or in fact is recommended to you by a stranger. This could end disastrously for your laptop, tablet or phone.

That's not to say that decent sports sites streaming links aren't available on there, they are. It's more about trusting the users, so if you know a reliable sports fan then by all means take their advice.

Info: Signup required for full access.

SportRAR, Sportlemon, LiveTV

Despite these sites being legal, they're not actually a sports streaming website. None of these sites stream any sports themselves.

All they do is direct you to alternate third-party or gambling sites where you may or may not get free live sports streaming. But the fact that they try to trick you and pretend they offer the service themselves seems pretty disingenuous to us. Plus there are popups galore. So these sites aren't recommended.

Info: Not live free sports streaming sites.

Illegal live free sports streaming sites

Not all free sports streaming websites that exist are legal, yet we know people still use them.

The advantages of using these sites is that they're "free" in the sense that you don't have to sign up or pay a subscription fee.

However there are many downsides that you need to consider, apart from the fact that the sites infringe copyright and are breaking the law. These include hundreds of annoying and intrusive popup ads, poor quality and unreliable streams, and potential virus threats that could harm your laptop or mobile.

Needless to say, the cost of potentially downloading malware or viruses could be huge and will certainly leave you wishing you'd paid for a legit legal streaming site instead.

You need to take all these things into account before deciding whether you want to use an illegal streaming site. We're definitely not recommending any of these, but we'll list the pros and cons of each one so you can make up your own mind.


hesgoal website

You can (in theory) be watching free sports streaming within seconds of arriving on HesGoal. Although it doesn't always work out that way.

Live sports streams include NBA, NHL, NFL, cycling, tennis, snooker and soccer. These are listed as live events along with their start times on the left-hand side, but all under the heading 'Football News'.

The site appears to be malware free, and I've not had any issues here personally. However, many of the streams aren't reliable and can be prone to freezing or stopping altogether, especially if you're trying to watch very popular "big name" events here.

There are a lot of display ads (most not under 18 appropriate) on this site, so it's worth maximizing the screen of the live feed to avoid seeing them. Unfortunately the first time you go to maximize, a new pop-up browser will probably appear. Close this and maximize for a second time and it should work fine. Also, full match replays are shown later 'as live' in case you missed the earlier action.

Info: No signup. Display Ads. Minimal popups.


cricHD website
CricHD is a free online streaming sports site that shows live sports channels such as BT Sport, Sky Sports, ESPN, beIN Sports, Eurosport, Fox Sport, Star Sports as well as many others.

You can watch sports like soccer, tennis, cricket, NFL, AFL, cycling, racing, badminton, volleyball, rugby, sailing and hockey. Not to mention basketball, baseball and squash games.

Frustratingly numerous website redirects and pop-ups with every click doesn't make it a very user-friendly site. Be prepared to grit your teeth, close the redirect and try again for that working stream. Patience is recommended but the live feed can be reliable and work okay once you've got going.

Info: No signup, Numerous popups. Website redirects. Minimal adverts.


ReleaseSky website
Despite the bleak white homepage that looks like a child created it in 1997, and the limited sports content, ReleaseSky does work - some of the time. The site is updated daily with the latest live action listed from top to bottom. Just click on the game you want to watch and the new page that opens will normally have up to 4 different links to choice from.

Live sports streams include F1, UFC, boxing and NBA. Also included in their live free sports streaming is football from all the big European Leagues including La Liga, Seria A, Bundesliga, as well as both Premier League and Championship matches from England.

There are a few ads on the actual streaming page. As well as information about the teams or players who are playing. It's then pot luck which of the links you decide to choose. Some work quite well, others only work for a bit, several don't work at all. Once selected a new browser opens their third-party website and you just click play for the action to start (hopefully).

Info: No signup. Live streams are linked to a third-party website. Minimal adverts.


fotyval website
As football streaming sites go, Fotyval is very basic it terms of content. Ultimately though, the football only website shows from the big games across Europe including the Premier League and La Liga. It also shows Europa League, Champions League and important international football.

Just click 'Watch Now' next to the match that you want to view and that opens up their third-party website zoneland90.blogspot.com. Once there, just scroll down and press play on the streams video. It's a very simple website but it works. It's also very limited with ads or popups.

Info: No signup. Live streams are linked to a third-party website. Minimal adverts.


Illegal streaming sites that don't work any more

Sadly free sports streaming sites that once worked end up deteriorating if they are not maintained and cared for. Here are some that come under that category but are still being endorsed by other sports sites.


The FootyBite homepage does make this site look very user friendly with its large listing of free live sports right there in front of you. Unfortunately once you click 'Watch' next to the live action, you soon realise there are quite a few problems and it may take you some time to view any sort of free live sports.

Every click made whilst navigating around this site seems to open browser re-directs to unknown websites. As well as you getting pop-ups, inappropriate adverts and prompts to extension downloads.

Info: Numerous popups. Website redirects. Download extension prompts.


VIPRow is another free streaming sports site that flatters to deceive from the moment you look to move off the homepage. As you find yourself constantly being re-directed to unidentified websites.

Numerous popups and random prompts to download anonymous extensions also appear too often. Unfortunate really as it has plenty of sports streaming links, but it's just not worth the hassle or risk.

Info: Numerous popups. Website redirects. Download extension prompts.


The FromHots website does get suggested by other site as a safe sports streaming site. However as far as we can see, all their live links are actually shown via a third-party website.

Their free sports matches rarely work and when they actually do it's normally not what you've actually clicked to see. Not to mention the constant popups and redirects to various other unknown third-party websites. Plus lots of inappropriate adult adverts.

Info: Numerous popups. Website redirects. Adult only adverts.


Stream2watch seems to come well recommended as a steady working free streaming site by certain free live sports advice websites. However, we didn't just didn't experience that at all.

Not to say it wasn't previously, but now to get anywhere near a working live stream you have to struggle through a lot of carnage. From constant pop up ads and malware warnings to regularly being redirected to websites you know nothing about every time you click on something.

Info: Numerous popups. Website redirects. Adverts.

Bosscast, Cricfree, Wiziwig, Streamshunters, Sportsurge, Streamwoop and Laola1.

As for all of these live sports streaming sites, they may well have worked in the past and potentially been reliable free sports streaming sites. Unfortunately, over time they have all clearly declined as when we visited them to watch sports we had virtually no success and our patience was tested.

They all either obsolete, unreliable, no longer user-friendly and certainly not safe for your devices.

Last Updated December 16, 2021

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