Brentford Matches on TV


Sorry, there are no Brentford matches scheduled for Live TV in the next two weeks. Don't worry, we'll update these listings as soon as new live Brentford fixtures are announced.

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Brentford on TV

When are Brentford on TV?

The TV listings above are updated daily, and automatically filtered to show only the Brentford matches on TV. You will see details of what matches are being show live, the date, kick off time, and what channel or channels the match is on.

The guide covers all competitions, including Premier League, FA Cup and League Cup fixtures.

Why Watch Brentford Matches?

Five years ago, not too many TV football fans would have known too much about Brentford. Then everything changed.

Brentford were promoted to the Premier League in 2021 for the first time in the club's history. Far from being overawed by their illustrious new opponents, they set about the challenge by playing an exciting and attacking brand of football which earned them new fans and admirers from all around the world.

TV audiences in particular were attracted to the exciting football on display, which means more and more people tune in to watch whenever Brentford matches are on live TV.

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