What is ESPN+ and is it Worth It?

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ESPN+ sounds like it's just an improved or upgraded version of ESPN, but in fact they are not the same thing.

Before you decide to subscribe to either service, you need to know the difference between ESPN and ESPN+, what sports content is available on each and which one is best for your needs.

This ultimate guide will explain exactly what ESPN Plus is, and answer all your questions.

ESPN Plus vs ESPN: What's the Difference?

Many sports fans assume that ESPN Plus is a channel, like ESPN and ESPN2. But that isn't the case.

In fact, ESPN Plus is a live TV streaming service. You can't get it on cable, it is only available via an internet enabled device.


There is some overlap between the content you can get on ESPN and ESPN+, but not much. In the main, the live events and on demand content you get on ESPN+ will not be available via the normal ESPN channels.

So ESPN+ is not a replacement for ESPN. Instead, you should look on ESPN+ as an optional extra.

Does ESPN+ Include ESPN?

No, you cannot watch ESPN channels through ESPN Plus, they are not included.

To get the regular ESPN channels you still need to add them to your cable subscription. Or if (like us) you're a cable cutter, subscribe to a subscription streaming service that carries them, such as fuboTV or Vidgo.

What does ESPN+ Include?

  • Live Sports - UFC, Top Rank Boxing, College Basketball, NHL, MLB, Tennis, Golf, Cricket and International Soccer (MLS, Bundesliga, La Liga, Copa del Rey, Carabao Cup, SPL and more.)
  • 30 for 30 Library - featuring innovative sports documentaries on demand.
  • UFC Access - Including exclusive PPV events.
  • Original Sports Shows - these include Eli's Places with Eli Manning, Stephen A's World with Stephen A. Smith, More Than An Athlete with Michael Strahan, Bettor Days with Mike Greenberg, and more.
  • Sports Talk - live every day, featuring Greeny, Canty & Golic Jr., Jorge Ramos, and more.

ESPN+ Channels

Because ESPN+ is an online streaming service, it doesn't have channels like traditional TV networks do. Instead, you access the content through the ESPN app, or website.

Does ESPN Plus have Live Sports

Yes, there are plenty of opportunities to watch live sports on ESPN+ and sports fans can enjoy a wide range of college sports, live NHL games, live NBA games, Major League Soccer, UFC fight night events and more.

Football fans should note that there are no live NFL games included, and you still need the regular ESPN sports channels to watch Monday Night Football.

How much is ESPN Plus?

ESPN Plus logoESPN+ costs $6.99 a month, or you can get 2 months free by buying an Annual Plan which costs $69.99 per year.

You can also choose the Disney bundle. This gives you ESPN+ with Disney+ and Hulu for $13.99 a month.

How to Sign Up for ESPN Plus

Simply head to the ESPN+ Website. You will see the option of signing up to the Disney / Hulu / ESPN+ bundle, or just subscribe to ESPN+ only (which is the cheaper option).

If you have an existing ESPN account then you can sign in and use the details you have saved. If not, creating a new account only takes a couple of minutes.

You can pay with a credit card, or use a ESPN+ digital gift subscription card if you have one. You will also need a USA IP address to access the site.

Can I get ESPN Plus in My Country?

ESPN Plus is only available to users whose IP address is located in the USA.

That means that if you're physically in the USA already then you have no problem. If not, then yes you can access the site using a suitable VPN such as Vyper VPN.

Accessing via a VPN is not supported by ESPN themselves, but I've tested it and it does work.

Do I need the ESPN App?

ESPN+ does not require a separate app. It is accessible through the standard ESPN App once you have signed up.

ESPN Plus on an iPhone

However, it is not necessary to download the ESPN App if you don't want to. You can access all of the live games and other content by logging into the ESPN website.

If you do want to use the App, you'll be pleased to know it is compatible with almost any internet connected device you can imagine.

The ESPN App works on: Android smartphones, Android TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Cube, Fire TV Smart TVs, Fire/Kindle tablets, Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, Roku, Oculus Go, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Samsung Smart TV.

How Many Simultaneous Devices Can I Use?

You can watch ESPN Plus on up to three devices simultaneously. This applies to the vast majority of classic games, on demand and live programming.

For some PPV events, the number of simultaneous streams is reduced to two.

What is ESPN Plus Good For?

Still deciding whether ESPN's streaming service is right for you? It's worth taking a look at its strengths and weaknesses and asking what sort of sports fan will get the most out of ESPN Plus.

In terms of live sporting events, it does offer more choice than the standard ESPN network channels. However, some of these games are available on other networks and streaming services.

The real strength of ESPN Plus comes in the original programming. If you've ever seen The Point, ESPN's National Hockey League studio show, then you can get an idea about the style of additional streaming content that is available.

The live sports talk, ESPN insider content and exclusive on demand videos add value, because most of these are not available on any other streaming service or TV network.

So I would say that ESPN Plus is best for people who like to watch sports content throughout the day, and who like news, opinion and in depth analysis as well as just watching live games.

ESPN Plus Benefits

The benefit of ESPN Plus is that it provides additional sports coverage that ESPN does not.

It is relatively inexpensive compared to some other streaming services, but it does give exclusive access to some live sporting events, PPV events, and a lot of original programming that is specially made for serious sports fans.

The price, and the fact that the ESPN App works on Apple TV and pretty much any other device with an internet connection, means that it is accessible to pretty much anyone.

Can you watch Live TV on ESPN Plus

You can watch live games that are included in your ESPN Plus subscription, but you cannot watch other channels or networks.

Can You Get a Free Trial?

At the moment ESPN Plus does not offer a free trial. This is a shame, but the low monthly price means it is within reach of most fans.

If you sign up on the monthly package and decide you don't like it, the worst case scenario is you're out 7 bucks. If you do like it, you can always switch to the annual plan after your first month.

Can I buy ESPN+ by Itself?

Yes it is possible to subscribe to ESPN+ by itself. Simply visit the ESPN Plus website and click the link that says "Subscribe to ESPN+ only."

How Do You Cancel ESPN Plus?

You can cancel ESPN Plus any time through ESPN online or through the app.

Your subscription will remain active until the end of your current billing period (whether it is monthly or annual) so you won't miss out on any of the live streaming you've already paid for.

Last Updated December 9, 2021

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