Championship Clubs Concerned By Sky Sports EFL Rights Deal

The English Football League recently signed a 5 year broadcasting rights agreement with Sky Sports worth £595 million, but it has transpired that a number of Championship clubs are not happy with the deal. That's according to a report today on BBC football.

The EFL only agreed to the deal last week, and its value represents a 35% increase on the current broadcasting deal, which also sees football league matches being shown on Sky Sports channels.

What's Included In The Deal?

Reuters reported that under the new terms, the broadcaster will also be permitted to stream midweek matches live via its online channels. The deal, which will run from the start of next season until 2024, includes the following provisions:

  • 138 Football League matches will be shown on Sky Sports each season.
  • A minimum of 20 of these games will be from League 1 and League 2.
  • All 12 play off semi finals will be shown live, from all 3 divisions.
  • All 3 divisional play off finals from Wembley will be shown live.
  • 15 Carabao Cup games (including the final).
  • The semi-finals and final of the Checkatrade Trophy.

On the face of it this seems to be a comprehensive package from the viewer's perspective. But the clubs are less keen.

Grave Concerns

After the agreement was announced, it has transpired that up to 19 clubs have grave concerns about the way the deal has been negotiated. A statement was released to that effect this week, outlining the objections. The clubs' statement read:

"Our issues are not with Sky, who we respect and value, but with the way in which the proposed agreement has been negotiated and explained to clubs.

"We remain convinced that any solution to the broadcasting of EFL competitions can only be on the basis of protecting attendances and securing the financial position of all our 72 clubs."

However, it is unclear at this stage whether the ELF will listen to the clubs' objections, or even whether the deal can still be amended having already been agreed.

Last Updated June 4, 2019

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