What Is The Kasabian Song On Sky Sports?

If you've been watching Sky Sports you've probably noticed that they regularly change their soundtrack when promoting upcoming sporting events, or the start of the new Premier League football season.

Quite often the tunes they use become popular just as a result of being used on the Sky Sports trailers. And that is certainly the case with this one.

The song they used at the start of the last football season was Kasabian's Ill Ray (The King). It's taken from their album For Crying Out Loud, and you can watch the official video below.

Of course this isn't the first Kasabian song that Sky Sports have used. In the past, on several occasions they have also used Fire. This is one of the band's biggest hits and has also become something of an anthem in the Premier League.

I'm On Fire!

If you don't recognise the song from its title, then have a listen for a few seconds and you soon will be. If you've ever watched any live football at all over the last couple of years, we can guarantee you know this tune.

This song is also used by Leicester City and is played whenever they score a goal at home. It was actually credited with helping to inspire the Leicester players during their remarkable run to the Premier League title in 2015.

So there you have it. Kasabian have been pretty much synonymous with football soundtracks over recent years, and you definitely wouldn't bet against more of their songs being used by the broadcasters in the future.

Last Updated March 6, 2019

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